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Aliens in the Family Aliens in the Family

Aliens in the Family

Aliens in the Family Aliens in the Family

Aliens in the Family Aliens in the Family

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Aliens in the Family - Episode One

Dora and Lewis are up very early in the morning. It is still a little before dawn and the moon can easily be seen. Dora is sat on her bedroom window sill looking out at it. Lewis makes a noisy entrance to her bedroom. She is not pleased to see him and tells him she is not making his breakfast. Both the children are worried about the visit of a new girl, David's (their new step father) daughter whom we learn is called Jacqueline. Whilst the children are discussing the impending arrival, a small meteor streaks across the heavens.

Dora is worried about the arrival Lewis does not want to be bossed around by two girls The moon is up even though it is nearly dawn

The two children discuss their thoughts Dora  does not want to share her room A meteor shoots passed the moon


The scene now moves to a spaceship which is in orbit above earth. On board the ship is an alien boy called Bond who is being lectured to by a small purple orb of flashing light and energy. Bond is having difficulty choosing a face (a disguise) before he can go down and move amongst the earthlings. He looks at several including that of Tom Cruise and Imran Khan. Bond is unsure which to choose but thinks he would like something heroic.

Aboard a Galgonquan starship A small energetic orb The orb is looking for Bond

Bond is asleep The orb awakens Bond as they have arrived and it is time for him to complete the assignment Bond appears nervous

Back on Earth, David and Philippa (Dora and Lewis's mother) are discussing the arrival of Jacqueline. David's daughter did not attend the wedding of her father and Philippa Phillipa is worried that the girl will not like her new step mum or be happy staying with them. Dora is getting ready, brushing her hair. We see a necklace around her neck with a large green stone.

Dora is getting ready for the arrival. She wears the gemstone her great great grandfather gave her David is looking forward to seeing his daughter

Philippa is a little more anxious Jacqueline (David's daughter) Philippa talks to young Lewis on the kitchen floor


The scene now takes us to Jacqueline's home which is very rural set. Jacqueline does not want to be called by that name and prefers to be called Jake. Jake is very much a Tomboy with short hair and boyish type clothes, nothing at all like Dora who prefers pretty things, dresses and how her hair looks. Jake is preparing to leave her mum who looks a little sad at seeing her go. Jake is busy writing out things that need doing and contact details. Her mum really does seem to be on another planet and has not really come to accept the divorce very well. Jake boards the coach (National Express) and waves goodbye.

Jake's rural home Jake writes out instructions to remind her mum


Back on board the spaceship, Bond is being prepared by his sister Solita and the Nexus for what will be his final test. It appears he is being assessed on his suitability to be upgraded to a Galgonquan Probationer. Bond is to locate his sister Solita who will be based on Earth. The difficulty lies in the fact that Solita will take the form or a portable device, coffee maker, calculator etc. Bond is a little worried that he will be unable to locate her. She has every faith in him but warns him of the dangers of the exercise. Bond is also warned about the Wirdegens. He needs his wits about him if encounters any of these on the prowl. They will try and cause problems and will do terrible things if he is captured.

Bond is being given his assignment He is to assume Earth form and seek out Solita The Nexus himself is overseeing this

Bond is given further instructions Bond must not involve the ancestors

On Earth, Jake and her mum are traveling to the local bus station in a taxi. Jake is feeling really responsible for her mum and Gran and constantly asks her Mum to ring if there are any problems. Jake is only going to be away for a few weeks but is concerned about all manner of things including what she should call her new step mum. Pet suggest Phyllis suggesting she does not really like Philippa.

Jake and her Mum in a taxi - Even now Jake is trying to get out of going Mum waves to Jake on the coach

Solita prepares to board and Bond promises her he will find her. Bond says goodbye and then returns to find Istara. The orb warns him that he must not take to Earth, the jewel that his father gave him. Bond reminds her that the jewel originally came from Earth. He says it will be his Talisman, his lucky charm but the orb keeps on reminding him that they are on a different time cycle and the jewels must not meet. There remains the risk of the stone meeting itself which can cause lots of problems. As Bond prepares to leave at the customs departure, he is again reminded about the problem the Wirdegens (we learn that they are beings who a long time ago rebelled against the Galgonquans and were subsequently expelled to another planet.

Bond goes to customs Bond has to agree and sign to the conditions Bond receives final instructions concerning the Wirdegens.

Bond steps onto the platform The face changing commences

At the Bus station (Exeter on a sign) Jake arrives and things are very awkward from the onset. Dora thinks she looks ridiculous and is more concerned with what her friends will say about Jake. Jake hugs her Dad but is reluctant to hug Phillipa and prefers to shake hands. Phillipa hugs her all the same. They all get into the family car and drive out of the bus station. At a roundabout the car goes all the way round just as a teenage boy appears in the center. Bond has arrived on Earth.

David and Philippa are both nervous about the arrival of Jake The meeting is a little uncomfortable Bond arrives on planet Earth.



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