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Aliens in the Family Aliens in the Family

Aliens in the Family

Aliens in the Family Aliens in the Family

Aliens in the Family Aliens in the Family

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Aliens in the Family - Episode Two

Bond is now on Earth, his mission to seek out Solita his sister. Bond appears totally lost and alone and is not really sure where to begin. Solita's words are still in his mind, he must look for her signal and that way he will find her.. Bond heads for the nearest town and starts looking at the shops and people. There are so many sites and sounds though, any of which could be his sister. He goes into a shop selling electronic goods and starts looking at the toasters, coffee machines and washing machines. He scans each object to see if it is Solita. The shop assistant comes over and asks if he needs any help. We learn here that Bond is an orphan and has only his sister. He speaks English very well though and says he is merely browsing. Bond continues to look for Solita although the shop owner is a bit suspicious of him.

The town of Exeter ? (feel free to correct me here) Bond wanders around the town looking for Solita's signal Another clue to the town ?

Bond  knows Solita is disguised as an everyday electrical item The store manager watches Bond

The family have arrived back at the house. Dora is miserable as Jake is to share her room for two weeks and so sits downstairs with Lewis. Things do not get any better at mealtimes as Dora and Jake are at each other's throats. This continues even at bedtime as the girls continue to clash over the smallest of things.

Bond is now very unhappy. He has no idea where to find Solita and it is now dark. He curls up on a bench and sleeps. The next morning Philippa and David wake up to hear Dora and Jake fighting again. Dora is cutting off Jake's tassels on her jacket. Jake is tearing up Dora's magazines and then smashes one of her models. The parents burst in as Dora says Jake has lice, Jake then shows everyone Dora's "grow bust" cream. Both girls are told to apologise. Later that morning Jake chats to Lewis. He says has no objections to her. He shows her his treasured objects.

Dora is not happy, because Jake is there &  Lewis is not happy because Dora is there The girls have had a fight The girls continue to fight during mealtimes

Dora is given a treat to go and get her hair done David talks to Jake about life

Back in the town, Bond is scanning local shops for any sign of his sister. The items glow purple as he checks them. He then picks up something else, a different signal and head off to investigate. He crosses the road and enters an old antiques shop. He scans the stuff inside, all glowing purple but when he looks at an old radio, it glows purple, but then flashes green. He realises this must be Solita. The moment, however, he picks up the radio, the woman behind the counter goes to fetch her partner. She then takes the keys and locks the front door and puts the closed sign up. The partner reveals himself as a Wirdegen. He wants access to the inventory, Bond tries to get free and wake Solita up. They remind him that it cannot be done. They struggle and he activates a small disc which Solita recognises. Solita goes into auditory defense mode. A strange noise starts and the female Wirdegen collapses on the floor, the whole shop vibrates and several items shatter. The door instantly opens and Bond runs outside with the radio.

Bond is still looking for Solita He scans all electrical items He scans a new and different signal

The woman in the shop is quite friendly Solita is found much to Bond's relief. The woman is in fact a Wirdegen

The Wirdegen leader grabs Bond Solia activates an auditory defense mode Everything in the shop vibrates

The town is in some degree of uproar as all electrical devices have been disrupted. Bond sees a black sports car and runs away quickly. Dora has been given a treat and had her hair done by Andre the hairdresser. After leaving the shop, Dora opens the passengers side car door just as Bond crashes into it. He immediately asks her for help and gets in the car just before the evil black one drives by. Dora is very happy as she has a very cool young man as a passenger.

Bond makes his escape but Solita's signal has impacted on the whole town The Wirdegens are in pursuit

Dora having her hair done Bond pleads for help Dora is only too pleased to help


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