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Aliens in the Family Aliens in the Family

Aliens in the Family

Aliens in the Family Aliens in the Family

Aliens in the Family Aliens in the Family

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Aliens in the Family - Episode three

Bond tells Dora she has saved his life. He tells her about being chased by a back car, black windows. Dora spots it and Bond hides as it drives slowly passes by. When it has moved on, Dora continues to question Bond. She touches her necklace around her neck and Bond sees the gemstone. He takes out his own little gem and it suddenly starts glowing and then vanishes. Bond does not know what this means.

Dora sees the evil black car drive by Bond's gemstone glows green Bond is hidden under a blanket in the back and so Philippa does not see him

Back at the house, Jake is being shown the feather collection, Lewis has made. Dora enters the room and tells them about the boy who she has saved from gangsters. At first they do not believe her but she tells them to go and ask the boy as Dora has him locked in the garage (at last the kids have something in common and are putting up with each other for a few minutes). They go into the garage and speak to Bond. They suggest he stays there much to Dora's delight. At dinner the kids are getting on much better. David and Philippa are going out for the night and the children go and see Bond. Dora decides that he needs a disguise and sets about dying his hair. Jake makes refreshments for all. Bond them tells them that the only place he can be safe and make contact with his friends is at a place very near here - a stone circle. Dora tells everyone that her mum is taking them treking tomorrow very near a stone circle (Webster's Valley) named after Dora's Great great grandfather.

Lewis talks to Jake and shows her his feather collection Dora tells the two about Bond The children go out to see Bond

Philippa and David are going out leaving the children alone in the house Bond tells the children some of the problem Jakes goes to the kitchen to get some food and drink

Bond has his hair coloured black by Dora The book written by Sebastian Webster shows the Stone Circle and what he saw there many years ago The Stone Circle that Bond must get to

Sebastian Webster saw lights and imps walking around the cirle. they may have even been ghosts thought her great great grandfather Sebastian Webster records his visions The glowing gemstone belonging to Sebastian

While looking at a map of it, Bond again looks at Dora's jewel in her necklace. She tells him that it is very very old and that her Great Great Grandfather found it. He had written about the stone circle in a book and mentioned the lights, imps of the stones that he had seen walking around. They hatch a plan for Bond to stay and then go with them in the morning. Outside the house a strange shadowy figure is seen at the window but not my the children. They get on with their respective chores but whilst Lewis is putting out the milk bottles, a strange light starts flashing in his face. A mysterious orb appears on his head and when he touches it, it vanishes. The others think he is sick as he looks a little strange. Bond plus Solita into the wall so he can communicate with her. She tells him that she detects Wirdegen signals, Bond agrees. He leaves her recharging. Bond's appearance reverts back to Galgonquan as he sleeps in the garage.

The Wirdegen are outside the house The Wirdegen use a device placed in Lewis to watch and monitor Bond Solita needs to recharge and so is plugged into the wall.


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