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Little Gems - Aliens in the Family

Aliens in the Family Aliens in the Family

Aliens in the Family

Aliens in the Family Aliens in the Family

Aliens in the Family Aliens in the Family

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Aliens in the Family

Whilst looking for Bond, Dora asks Jake what he and she were talking about. Dora is becoming a little jealous of the two. Lewis runs off when he hears some strange noises leaving the two girls talking. Lewis has found some footprints. Whilst they follow them the two girls talk about the divorce and marriages. By talking about their feelings and what they thought about the family, marriage and divorce, Jake and Dora realise that they are very alike. They also realise that they have the same fears and concerns and that by talking through them things often appear better. Lewis is still looking for footprints and continues to follow the trail. They see Bond high up near a waterfall. The children climb up after him but he tells them to go back as he is still being pursued. Dora states that he is being very paracetomol, corrected by Jake to paranoid. Bond tells them that the electric shock (they all saw) was "them", they can make time jump. Suddenly the children see three large back cloaked hooded figures appear at the top of the waterfall. They shout to warn Bond. He looks to switch on his radio. The auditory defense mode disperses the black entities but it also knocks out Lewis who loses his grip on the slopes. Lewis falls down unconscious. Meanwhile Philippa and David have not even noticed the kids have gone let alone started looking for them. They soon realise that a problem is being encountered when the auditory defence mode effect reaches them and all the surroundings start to vibrate. Suddenly all the picnic items vanish one by one and then the surrounding scenery changes as the pair find themselves in the valley where the stone circle is. They haven't a clue about what has happened and now only realise that they had arrived with children and start to worry about them.

The children look for Bond Jake and Dora discuss their feelings regarding the current problems at home The children talk about marriage and divorce and for a moment forget about Bond, until Lewis finds some footprints

Bond is high up a rock face Three Wirdegens appear The children warn him and he activates Solita who again disperses the bad guys.

The Wirdegens vanish to regroup Lewis is knocked out A time shift sends Philippa  and David back in time

The two do not know what is happening The scenery takes on a different form David and Philippa have forgotten about the children

Back with the kids, Bond gets Solita to scan Lewis. He is fine with no broken bones. Solita does not really understand why the effect hit Lewis so hard. She tells Bond that the Wirdegen have retreated for the time being but they will regroup and try again once they have found an energy source with which to recharge. Solita now needs to recharge as well. Bond reveals to the girls that the radio is in fact his sister Solita. He tells them the truth about everything. He tells them that the mission of his people is to gather all the knowledge of the Universe together and place it into an inventory. The Galgoquan belief is that everything is connected and hence their aim to catalogue everything. Bond tells them about Solita hiding and his mission to find her. Jake calls them a race of librarians. Dora does not like Chemistry or Physics but is only good at English and History. She likes everything simply explained with no complicated terms or scientific terminology. Bond tells them about teleporting and time shifts and that something has gone wrong. Lewis is now awake and tells Bond that they (the Wirdegens) were using Lewis as a tracker / listening device. Solita tells Bond to watch his breathing rate when Jake tells Dora and Lewis to get him away from their current location. Bond, Dora and Lewis run off but as they do, three shadowy figures appear behind Jake. She tries to defend herself with a large stick but the lead Wirdegen causes it the wood to ignite and Jake has to throw it away. The Wirdegens realise that Bond has moved away and so turn and vanish. Lewis, Dora and Bond head for the hills and the stone circle. In the air in the distance the shadowy figures can be see getting closer.


Dora wants to hear the full story now that Lewis has been hurt Lewis is fine Bond tells the girls everything

Dora hates physics and wants simple explanations The trio cannot believe what they are hearing Lewis tells Bond that he has been used as a spy and that he could not do anything until he was hit by a blast from Solita

The bad guys return for more menacing They still cannot find Bond Jake tells them nothing

Jake tries to warn them off The Wirdegens appear in the sky looking for Bond

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