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Little Gems - Aliens in the Family

Aliens in the Family Aliens in the Family

Aliens in the Family

Aliens in the Family Aliens in the Family

Aliens in the Family Aliens in the Family

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Aliens in the Family

The trio (Bond, Lewis and Dora) run as fast as they can towards the circle which is lit up by a large beam of sunlight. Jake, meanwhile hears her horse arriving and is pleased to see it as her foot is sore. She cannot really ride but never the less mounts. Philippa and David are still looking for the children. The shadowy figures are getting closer as the trio get closer to the stones. Bond is further ahead and a time shift hits Lewis and Dora knocking them off their feet. The Wirdegens then appear and threaten to deal with the children unless Bond reveals himself at once. Bond is hiding behind a large stone. He tells Solita that he is going to rescue the children and asks her if she can destroy him rather than him be captured. Solita tells him that she can do it. Bond appears and the children turn to him. They say he is their friend and they will try and stop the Wirdegens. The lead Wirdegen walks forward and accuses Bond of trying to look like a hero (something he said to his teacher back on the ship). Bond asks how he could know this. The leader dismisses him as Jake and horse approach. Jake arrives and nearly falls off the horse. She is okay but tired. Bond suddenly realises that the Wirdegens are not going to harm them and that it is all part of the test. He tells the Wirdegens but before they can really answer, Solita interupts as she senses a major time shift annollamy. The sky goes dark and the children are all bathed in light. In the distance Dora's great great grandfather is watching from outside the stone circle. What Dora's great great grandfather wrote about in his book was actually his great great granddaughter and grandson from the future walking back in the past. The duo and Jake were the light imps in the stone circle. Whilst the children watch, the three Wirdegens change back into orbs and lightening flashes around them. Solita tells Bond that it is time to return to the school. She tells the children that Bond will now be safe but that the stone (around Dora's neck) had created a paradox, time had been temporarily dislocated. Once Bond has returned all will be back to normal. Bond's memroies will be recorded in the inventory and become part of thier history. A blue light appears around Bond and he is returned to the ship. The sky returns to normal and the children are standing in the stone circle once more. Jake tells Dora that the man they saw was Sebastien Webster. Dora eventually realises that they were the gosts and imps that he saw and recorded and thinks she is about to faint. The trio hear their parents calling them.

The Stone Circle is lit up Jake tries to ride to where Bond, Dora & Lewis were heading The Wirdegens are not far behind

Dora and Lewis have fallen behind Bond The Wirdegens have arrived The leader threatens to hurt the children if Bond does not show himself.

Bond watches from beind a stone The Wirdegens grab the children Bond tells Solita to destroy him as it will save the children and himself from capture

The leader Wirdegen makes a slip up Jake arrives Bond realises that this is part of the test and that no one will be hurt

A time shift takes place The children are back in the past and are seen by Sebastian Webster as lights / imps moving around the Stone Circle Energy and Light fill the air

The Wirdegens are really Galgonquans and revert back to orbs The orbs summon Bond Bond leaves with them

Bond realises that all is now safe He returns to the school aboard the ship

Back on the ship, Bond is not happy about what has just happened. The ship leaves orbit and accelerates away at phenomenal speed. Solita blames Bond stating that he broke the rules making contact with the ancestors. Bond decides to tell the truth to the Nexus. Solita warns him not to but again we learn this is part of the test. The Nexus awaits Bond and is pleased that he passed the test and was very ingenious with his methods. Because of this he is willing to overlook the fact that Bond made contact with the ancestors. Bond though is still not happy. He thinks it was very wrong to take over the little boy. Bond is told that he was the cause of this and should look no further than himself when it came to finding out where the blame lay. Bond had involved them and so therefore changed the rules. The Nexus then tells Bond that something stranged happened with the gem stone and the surrounding events and that a specialist team was working on it to find out what part it played. Bond is more content now and goes to leave the Nexus but is reminded that as he passed the test he leaves via a more important route. Bond is a happy chappy now.

The children are left in the circle alone Bond is worried about Lewis being used The Nexus is pleased with Bond

Bond used a variety of disuises to avoid detection The Nexus tells Bond that his knowledge and experiences will be added to the Inventory Bond has passed the test and is now a Galgonquan Porbationer

Back at the stone circle on Earth, Philippa and David try to make sense of it all. Dora and Jake try their best but events take on a new twist as time is rectified and the parents memories are returned to events back at the picnic site. David and Philippa only remember that there was an additional rider, a boy or something. Jake and Dora tell them the reason why they have an extra horse and where the boy went. They inform David and Philippa that the boy has gone home via the long way round. They all decide to pack up and go home as it has been quite a tiring first day of the holiday. Later that night Jake and Dora are talking about Bond. The girls promise not to be nasty to each other. Dora wonders if Jake would like to go pony riding again as she thinks Jake is a natural. They both sit looking out of the window up at the night sky.


The sky is still changing rapidly and the effects of the time shift are reversed by the Galgonquans David is pleased to see Jake

Philippa is pleased to see Lewis and Dora David and Dora do not remember a thing.

Jake smiles at last Jake and Dora are friends at last The two girls and Lewis (not shown) think of Bond and watch the night sky


And so ended a really gentle enjoyable children's drama. Another fine example of what the BBC with a great book.

Anyone having any memories, corrections, additions or anyone involved with the making of Aliens in the Family (in front of or behind the camera), then please email at the address at the top

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