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Chocky Chocky

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This remarkable little adventure was written by John Wyndham and published in 1968. This was the same author of Day of the Triffids, The Kraken wakes, The Midwich Cuckoos (later filmed as Village of the damned). Most of the writing was concerned with the arrival or threat that aliens represented to the very primitive (technology wise) earthlings. Village of the Damned was the science fiction film concerning a small village in England in which all the women become pregnant. They all end up giving birth to children with highly developed brains, telepathic powers - you know the rest. Chocky was very different as the alien force did not want to destroy the population of earth but instead help it and guide it to the stars. Anthony Read had to do a lot of rewriting with Chocky in order to make to representative of today's society e.g. the inclusion of the Rubik's cube. Anthony Read did a superb job transferring this from book to screen. Chocky was produced by Thames television and shown in 1984 on ITV (although completed in 1983). I remember watching this when I was just out of school thinking that it was brilliant. The music in particular stirs memories of those days at secondary school.

Chocky was a six part adventure set around the Gore family. Mum (Mary) is a busy housewife, Dad (David) is an accountant, Polly (little sister) is at primary school and Matthew (adopted when he was a baby) is at secondary school (I think he about twelve years old). The six parts were shown every Monday at 16:45 starting January the 9th and finishing 13th February. Two further series were also produced called Chocky's Children (six episodes 1985) and Chocky's Challenge (six episodes 1986). Andrew Ellams played Matthew in all three series alongside James Hazeldine as his father.

Sadly John Wyndham died in March 1969 but his books are still read today by different generations eager to see the vision of a truly remarkable writer. Chocky was no doubt one of the best childrens science fiction dramas to be seen on television and has been long over due for a place on Little Gems. Today's childrens science fiction drama doesn't even come close.

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Episode List

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Based on the book written by John Wyndham
Dramatised by Anthony Read
Mary Carol Drinkwater
David James Hazeldine
Matthew Andrew Ellams
Polly Zoe Hart
Mr. Trimble James Greene
Miss Blayde Lynne Pearson
Colin Devin Stanfield
Jane Kelita Groom
Alan Colin McCormack
Roy Landis Jeremy Bulloch
Mark Jonathan Jackson
Roger Peter John Bickford
Emma Kathleen Cotty
Sir William Thorbe John Grillo
Phyl Penny Brownjohn
Postman Leo Dolan
Girl Reporter Deborah Fairfax
Cranky Woman Janet Henfrey
Interviewer Brian Redhead
Radio Reporter Gary Watson
Policeman (Birmingham) Derek Broome
Susan Catherine Elcombe
Inspector Maggs John Pennington
Newsreader Martyn Lewis
Boatman Patrick Blackwell
Policeman Gary Raynsford
Chocky's Voice Glynis Brooks
Casting Director Pat O'Connell
Costumes June Cannon
Graphic Designer John Stamp
Makeup Pearl Rashbass
Film Cameraman Alan Jonas
Film Editor Oscar Webb
Film Sound Ron Thomas / Stan Clarke / John Ramsden
Film Dubbing Mixer Terry Hill / Tony Chapman
Studio Supervisor Dick Hibberd / Brian Kerr / Fred Cope
Lighting Director Keith Reed
Cameras Albert Almond / Adrian J Fearnley
Sound Brian Moray
Videotape Editor Roger Holmes / Tom Kavanagh
Vision Control Bill Marley / Bob Mason / Richard Waiting / Alan James
Vision Mixer Peter Phillips / Peter Boffin
Location Manager Derek Cotty
Production Assistant Helen Gellatly / Michele Buck
Floor Manager Kerry Mann
Stage Manager Diana Paskin
Script Consultant Richard Bates
Designer David Richens
Executive Producer Pamela Lonsdale
Producer / Director Ep1, 2, 4 & 6 Vic Hughes
Director Ep3, Ep5 Christopher Hodson
Copyright 1983 A Thames Television Production