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School is over for the six week holiday. Matthew and Colin walk home happy at the thought of no more homework. They agree to meet up later. Matthew hands over his school report and then quickly makes an exit for the door. Mum then has to tidy his things up and whilst she is doing this, she find some disturbing art work hidden behind a chest of drawers. She takes them and shows them to Dad, who is not really that concerned since they are very good pieces of artwork. He asks Matthew to come down for a chat. Matthew explains that they are his pictures but done through the eyes of Chocky. He then returns to bed and again Chocky appears before him. This time he tells her that they are going on holiday. She asks what holidays is and then laughs when he tells her they will move out of their nice big house to go and live in a small country cottage for two weeks. Matthew grows angry as she says it is silly and he tells her to go. The next morning mum tells dad that she spoke to the family G.P. about Matthew. Dad did not want her to but mum went ahead anyway. The G.P. was not much help and mum is now at a loss as to what to do.

Mum has found some of Matthew's drawings They are very good Mum and ada both agree that something is very wrong

Matthew tries to explain Matthew gets angry with Chocky and tells her to go Chocky has now gone and Matthew feels bad

On the way to the cottage, Matthew is miserable. He cannot enjoy the holiday. He is missing Chocky and is concerned that he won't ever see her again. They finally arrive at the cottage and are greeted by Colin's mum and dad and little sister Emma. Emma and Polly are of a similar age and head into the cottage. Colin's mum and dad notice that Matthew is not very happy. Matthew's dad tries to comfort him by saying that Chocky will no doubt be waiting for him when he returns. Matthew now starts to feel a bit better and so looks forward to the holiday but now and again he remembers her especially when he finds he can no longer solve the Rubik's cube puzzle.

The Gore family home - being left for two weeks Time to pack Off into the country

The Gores are met by Colin and his family Mum and Phyl notice how sad Matthew is Everyone is in a good mood

Matthew misses Chocky Dad tries to console Matthew and cheer him up Matthew and Colin start to explore

The next morning the boys are fishing on the river. Polly and Emma and playing on the grass whilst Colin's dad watches them. Matthew's parents are off enjoying some time together wandering around an old castle. Dad remarks at the lack of Chocky and Piff and how is nice to be away from the accounts. Colin's father decides to go and get the children some drinks. Colin goes with him and so Polly takes charge of his rod. Some way further up the river, a boat breaks free and starts to drift downstream. Polly and Matthew only notice it when Emma screams. They dive into the water as the jetty is destroyed by the impact. Emma runs along the river screaming but she can no longer see Polly or Matthew.

The families are playing games David and Alan plan the next days journey Matthew cannot do the Rubik's cube without Chocky

The next day they visit a castle Mum is really relaxed The kids are playing near the river

Mum and dad relax outside the castle Emma and Polly are playing together The boys are fishing

A boat is moored nearbye upstream The boat breaks free Polly and Matthew dive into the water to escape

Colin and his father do not see or hear anything Matthew and Polly cannot swim

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