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Colin's dad and mum are not looking forward to the return of Matthew's parents. On arrival and having been told of what happened, Matthew's mum rushes upstairs to see the two who are in bed. Colin's father explains what happened and that a Colonel Summers saw Matthew rescue Polly. The Colonel pursued them for over a mile all the time Matthew was supporting Polly. Dad is dumbfounded as he tells them that Matthew cannot swim. Dad goes to see Matthew who explains that it was Chocky, she must have been with him the whole time. She showed him how to swim. Matthew then shows Dad a picture he has drawn. It shows the place where Chocky lives. Matthew's dad says he is very proud of him and that the Colonel is putting him forward for a medal.

Back at the cottage Matthew and Polly are fine but confined to bed. Matthew shows his latest drawing to Dad

This is Chocky's home world Back at the Gore family home The family hear the radio interview

Back at the family home, life returns to normal for only a few minutes though. The family hear a radio broadcast of an interview with Matthew and the river incident. They also see in the newspaper a picture of Matthew and an account of what happened. They are not pleased since Matthew kept this from them. He has a lot of explaining to do. Later on that morning the telephone rings and it is Roy. He wants to see Dad again and is intending on arriving at the house later that evening.

Matthew gets stopped by more reporters More material in the press Mum has to deal with a weird woman in the garden

That afternoon though, mum is besieged by reporters, psychics, mediums and a whole list of people wanting to speak to Matthew about guardian angels. Mum is beginning to lose it as she also discovers that Matthew's art teacher has put forward one of his drawings to a competition. It has won first prize. Dad really cannot see what all the fuss is about which annoys mum even more.

Mum is losing it An offer of hope for Matthew's parents Sir William looks a bit sneaky to me

Very sneaky  to me Matthew is hypnotised Matthew goes under

Landis wants a man called Sir William Thorbe to examine Matthew. Mum agrees to this. They both go to Harley street to see the supposed best in the business. He asks Matthew's dad to leave them for an hour. Dad goes to a nearby cafe to get a coffee and read his paper. Matthew is hypnotised and asked questions regarding Chocky. Sir william then speaks to dad alone regarding his diagnosis. He says it is perfectly natural and he will send him a letter explaining the results. There is something not quite right about Sir William as he tries to get rid of Matthew's dad far to quickly. Later on Matthew is in his bedroom and he tries to contact Chocky. She finally appears and says that she must leave as it is now too dangerous for her to stay. She is concerned about Matthew and her and so she asks him to forget her. Matthew is very upset but Chocky insists that she must leave. She fades from view and Matthew is left crying on his bed. That week there is still no reply from Sir William. Mum is very happy since there have been no incidents or mention of Chocky. A parcel arrives for Matthew from the Swimming Association. Inside there is a medal for him. This makes him upset as he remembers that it should have been awarded to Chocky as she taught him how to swim.

Chocky leaves again Matthew receives a medal Matthew says it should be for Chocky

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