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The family are off on a picnic. Dad is happy that Chocky has not put in an appearance that morning. They are having a picnic beside the river. It looks a very cold windy day but Matthew and the family are trying to make it look warm. Matthew is wandering around the boat club answering Chocky's questions. She is interested in the boats and asks how they steer, how they float. She then asks to see the rudder of a boat but it is below the surface of the water. Matthew makes a picture of it in his mind for her to see. Matthew then steps onto a boat to explain things and he is instantly apprehended by an angry boat owner. The boat owner believes he has caught a thief. After a short time, Matthew's dad goes looking for him and eventually enters the scene only to find Matthew being accused of past thievery from the boating club. The policeman does not believe Matthew was up to no good and so is released. Matthew's mum is not very happy at what happened and is even more unhappy when she is told that Chocky caused the problem. Mum and dad are thinking about contacting a psychiatrist.

A quick tidy before the picnic A bit cloudy but a nice picnic none the less Mum and dad are able to relax

Matthew is talking to Chocky about boats Chocky wants to know about rudders Matthew is caught by the boat owner

The next day Matthew is at school playing cricket against another school. They only need 6 to win and Matthew is the last man in. Mr. Trimble is not very hopeful, he just wants Matthew to survive the last four balls to force a draw. Chocky takes over and hits a six. Mr. Trimble and all the school are thrilled that they have won the match. He cannot tell them that it was really Chocky who hit the winning runs. Later in the day, Dad asks Matthew about the cricket as he has heard that Matthew was a real hero. Matthew tells dad that it was really Chocky who had controlled things. Dad then tells Matthew that he plans to bring up an old friend to chat to Matthew about Chocky. Dr. Roy Landis was at Cambridge and is very eager to speak to Matthew.

Time to end the picnic and go home - mum is very angry Mum is even more annoyed when she hears Chocky is behind Matthew's trouble

Matthew is in at number 10 Mr Trimble does not expect much - a draw might be nice Matthew hits a six

The whole team are happy - they have won Matthew later explains that the match was won by Chocky

The day of Landis arrival comes and the two old friends are getting reacquainted over lunch. After lunch the two (Matthew and Landis) go out into the garden and start walking and talking. Landis asks lots of questions about Chocky. He very soon realises that Chocky is real and is definitely not something made up from Matthew's imagination. Matthew tells him that Chocky says that rocket are no use for space travel and that cosmic radiation converters are needed. He also tells Landis that Chocky is capable of travelling at the speed of light and that soon they will go faster.

Dr Roy Landis arrives He seems very nice Mum and dad leave Roy and Matthew talking

The two talk in the garden about Chocky and some of her ideas Polly is inside reading with mum - feeling a little left out Landis informs mum and dad of his thoughts

Landis then returns to the house and tells Matthew's mum and dad that Chocky is real, something mum in particular does not want to hear. Later that night Matthew is in bed with a book. The pages are turning themselves as Chocky is actually doing the reading. We at last get to see Chocky as she appears in front of Matthew as a form of swirly misty hologram. Matthew is very pleased to finally see her.

Chocky is reading a book with Matthew Chocky finally reveals herself

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