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The next morning we learn that Matthew's temperature has come down and that he is feeling a little better. He is still confined to his bedroom and although Colin came round to see him, mum did not let the two play together. Matthew's mum, however, is still very concerned about him though. His dad arrives home from work (he is an accountant) and goes upstairs to see Matthew. Matthew is much better and explains that Chocky has not returned since last night. Matthew is most annoyed when his father asks if Chocky is another Piff. Matthew thinks Piff is a stupid imaginary friend of his sister and explains that Chocky is totally different. We also learn that Chocky does not know if it is a he or a she. They decide that they must decide on a he or a she. Matthew decides that Chocky is a she as she can be quite bossy. The next day, Matthew is feeling a lot better and so returns to school. In the class room, the class is studying biology. Miss Blayde is taking the class and she gets quite annoyed with Matthew as he talks about reproduction in single sex species. She says that it only happens in plants (asexual reproduction). She's obviously never heard of reproduction via binary fission in prokaryotic cells - only done in the most abundant life forms on the planet. Matthew goes very quite and Miss Blayde moves on, although she is a bit disturbed that Matthew knew about the possibility of what would turn out to be a form of cloning.

Matthew almost gets himself into trouble Dad's new car is here Polly noticies something strange with Matthew

Matthew is very upset Mum and dad take him inside Matthew finally clams down and talks to dad

Later that day, Dad arrives home in a new Citroen car. All the family rushes out to see the new car and to oohhh and aahhhh over it. Matthew asks to see inside the engine whilst Polly sits in the front seat. Mum and dad go back inside the house but soon Polly rushes in asking what is wrong with Matthew. Mum and dad run outside to find Matthew in a terrible state, shouting, crying and physically very distressed. They take him back inside and dad tries to talk to Matthew about what made him so upset. Matthew explains that Chocky thought the new car was clumsy and old fashioned and nothing short of complete rubbish. It was stupid to base everything on the wheel and not to think of alternative forms of transport. Matthew was very annoyed with her as it was his Dad's new car. Matthew's dad again tries to find out where Chocky has come from. Matthew replies that he still does not know and it is difficult to understand as he completely lost himself. Later on, Matthew's parents receive a telephone call from the school. Mr. Trimble wishes to see Matthew's parents. Mum and dad arrive at the school and are informed that Matthew is excelling in maths but is calculating in two different languages. One is Base10 and the other is Base2. Mr. Trimble also explains that other teachers have noticed a change in Matthew. Dad returns home and asks Matthew about the base2 language. Matthew explains that that is how Chocky counts. He says that she says it is stupid to have a base10 system developed primarily because we have 10 fingers. With Chocky's system you only need two figures 1 and 0 or as Matthew puts it Y and N (yes and no) - binary code language of computers.

Mr Trimble wishes to see Matthew's parents Matthew explains about Chocky and counting Matthew seems more comfortable with Chocky now

Mum is almost at the end of her tether. They are beginning to realise that this is no Piff, the imaginary friend of Polly, but something much more. They decide to seek professional help. Meanwhile Matthew is at Colin's house. They are in Colin's bedroom playing space invaders on Colin's Atari computer. Colin is not very good and hands it over to Matthew. Matthew starts playing but Chocky is curious and takes over. Chocky obliterates everything on the screen destroying the computer in the process. The Atari explodes in the bedroom much to the surprise of both boys. Later, in Matthews bedroom, Matthew is answering Chocky's questions. He says he does not understand so she decides to start at the beginning. Matthew seems much more comfortable with Chocky's presence now as she appears as a light in his room. We can also almost understand Chocky's questions in terms of the audio clarity. She becomes much clearer in episode three. Chocky does not now disturb Matthew during sleep time or when he is at school.

Colin has anew Atari computer Space invaders The computer explodes as Matthew (with Chocky's help) destroys the aliens

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