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The school day is over, Matthew heads home via the school gates. He normally walks with Colin but Colin has choir practise. In the distance and through a tide of children we Matthew talking to a man. Matthew gets into the car and then it vanishes. The next thing we know, Matthew has not returned home. His mother and father are totally distraught. Days go by with no sighting of him. He appears on the television news in an attempt to locate him. A massive police hunt reveals nothing. In Birmingham a local policeman is approached by a small boy stating he is lost. The bobby soon realises this is the missing child and eventually Matthew is reunited with his parents. The police inspector speaks to David (Matthew's dad ) alone. He says that the police surgeon found evidence of Matthew being injected and that Matthew believes he was in a car crash. He is adamant that his leg was broken and that he has a plaster cast on.

In the distance Matthew gets into a car Dad arrives home to find Matthew has gone missing Matthew's disappearance has made the newpapers

Mum is totally devastated The police launch a massive country wide search Matthew vanishing has even made the news on television

Matthew is completely unaffected by everything and is keen to get back to normal after his adventure. Later that night Matthew comes downstairs to talk to his father. He says that Chocky wants to speak to him. His father suggests they go up to Matthew's bedroom and talk there. Matthew lies on the bed and empties his mind. He enters a sort of trance as Chocky uses his brain and mouth to speak. Chocky then takes over and introduces herself. She tries to explain where she has come from and what she is here for. She states that she is an " explorer", "a scout", "teacher." She is here since she found intelligent life. She wants to show humankind how to harness the infinite power of cosmic radiation. She is not there in body since that has mass and cannot travel at lightspeed whereas the mind has no mass and can. She also explains that Matthew was chosen because he was one of the few minds she could work with.

Matthew appears in Birmingham He is sped home in police car Matthew is ahving a great time

Mum is overjoyed to have her boy back again Dad thanks the inspector Mum is so pleased to have him back

Matthew tries to explain He was in a hospital A nurse and several doctors took care of him

Chocky finally reveals herself to Dad who can finally accept that she is real. She warns Dad of the evil greedy Sir William who now knows of her presence here on earth. It was he who with his Government advisors organised the kidnapping of Matthew and the subsequent injections to make him talk. When they realised that Chocky had left, the men let Matthew go by abandoning him in Birmingham. She states that had she been left alone with Matthew, she could have grown up with him and encouraged him in physics. He would have been greater that Newton and Einstein but as a result of Sir William's intervention, Matthew would always be watched. It be safer for him to be encouraged in the world of art. She then says that she is not going to leave earth but would find other subjects to help with little bits of information. She then says good-bye to dad and he leaves the room. She finally says good-bye to Matthew and she fades.

Matthew informs Dad that Chocky wants to speak to him They go up to Matthew's bedroom Chocky finally reveals herself to Dad

Dad cannot believe his eyes Chocky tells Dad that she has a purpose in being here Chocky tells dad that she must now go

Her time with Matthew must end as she has placed him in danger from the greedy power hungry Sir William She will stay on earth though and visit others similar to Matthew It is now time to leave

Matthew says goodbye

Several days have now passed and no Chocky. Matthew is at the side of a lake drawing. His father arrives and hands him his swimming medal. When Matthew opens it he finds that Dad has had it engraved for Chocky. Matthew is very happy that facts are now straight.

Several weeks later Matthew is busy drawing again He is very pleased to see his dad Dad hands him the medal as Matthew is missing Chocky

It is his medal for bravery Dad has had to engraved with Chocky's name Matthew is very pleased

Time for a biiigggg hug Matthew is becoming quite the young artist

And, as with all the other little gems, so ends another truly wonderful piece of writing, scripting, adaptation, filming and most of all acting. This was one of my favourite all time science fiction childrens programs (yes I know I say that about them all on Little Gems - but this one is very special). Anyone with memories, comments, or anyone who was involved in the making filming, acting......please get in touch at the email address above. We would love to hear from you.

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