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Little Gems -The Moomins by Tove Jansson

The Winter Bonfire

It was Winter time in Moominvalley and all the Moomin family were asleep except Moomintroll. He had prepared for sleep along with all the other Moomins. He had even had a meal of pine needles inside him but for some reason Moomintroll had woken up and he could not get back to sleep. He therefore had to endure the entire Winter which turned out to be long and cold, something a Moomin was not really used to. He was waiting for the return of the Sun. He spent his time each day looking for the Sun but there was nothing. One day he noticed that someone had been stealing fuel and had built a huge bonfire on the hill. He followed the foot prints up to where all the wood and card had been piled.

Moomintroll found that it was Too-Ticky that had built the bonfire. Moomintroll was told that the bonfire was there to welcome back the Sun. Moomintroll went back to the house to find more stuff he could burn. He was very excited about the return of the Sun.

All the forest creatures arrived to celebrate the bonfire and to welcome the arrival of the Sun. They danced around the bonfire - the children of Winter. Even the dweller from beneath the sink was there and Moomintroll was very pleased to meet him. Suddenly there was a large cold cloud approaching slowly in the distance, the Groke was coming and everywhere the creatures fled in terror. Even Too-Ticky thought it wise to move inside the cave and observe. They all watched as the Groke came closer and eventually she arrived at the bonfire.

The Groke sat down on the fire and instantly it went out, everything turned cold in her presence, even the oil lamps went out when she touched them. Moomintroll was concerned that she would stop the arrival of the Sun but Too-Ticky assured him that the Groke had no power over the Sun. She had only come to get warmth from the fire.

Return of the Sun

Winter was still in force in Moominvalley but things were about to change. Moomintroll wanted to look his best for the Sun and so went upstairs to find some nice clothes to wear. Outside Too-Ticky was fishing through an ice hole. Suddenly on the horizon there was a tiny patch of red light, the Sun peeped over the frozen water and then vanished again. Little My was busy skating and was far too busy to be bothered with all the fuss. Moomintroll, however, was overjoyed when he saw the red glow but a little disappointed when it vanished again.

Moomintroll was very impatient and was a little angry that the Sun did not appear in the way he thought it would. He was also a little embarrassed at dressing up for the Sun. Too-Ticky was ultimately proved right about the arrival of Spring but it would still be a little time before Winter had finally gone. Whilst on the bridge Moomintroll and Too-Ticky waved good-bye to the Winter guests who left for their own homes. Moomintroll decided to go home and Too-Ticky decided to go back to the bathing hut and do some Spring cleaning. Moomintroll was too full of joy to clean and sat on the step watching the Geese flying high up in the sky.

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