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Little Gems -The Moomins by Tove Jansson

Moomintroll's Pet

Snufkin was busy fishing when Moomintroll arrived. He told Snufkin about the secret and took to his bedroom to show him as Snufkin did not really believe Moomintroll. After all dragons do not really exist do they he thought.

Back in the bedroom the dragon was nowhere to be seen. They looked everywhere for him and eventually found him high up on a window. The dragon wanted to go out especially when he saw Moomintroll. However the dragon took an instant liking to Snufkin and would even sit on his shoulder. The dragon preferred Snufkin to Moomintroll and would only ever fly to Snufkin, never Moomintroll. Little My eventually saw the dragon and also noticed that it preferred Snufkin. Moomintroll then let the dragon go and it flew to Snufkin who was down at the river. Moomintroll sulked in the Moomin house miserable about the loss of his pet. Down at the river Snufkin gave the dragon to a boating Hemulen and asked him to release it downstream where there were lots of flies. The Hemulen asked for some fish in return. Snufkin knew that the dragon would come between Moomintroll and himself in terms of their friendship. Snufkin let the dragon go and told Moomintroll that it must have flown off. The two friends then spent the day fishing together.


It had been raining in Moomin valley for some time, Moominpappa had caught a dreadful cold and was not feeling very well. Moominmamma brought him some flowers and then took his temperature but Moominpappa was not a very good patient. That evening Moomintroll thought it might be a good idea for Moominpappa to read some of his memoirs. The other Moomins gathered round for they were to be read an account of Moominpappa when he was a very young Moomin.

Moominpappa was raised in an orphanage by a very strict lady Hemulen. She was always very bossy and very very fussy about how things were done. Moominpappa was told to do this and to do that and everything had to be done a particular way.

All the orphans had a number and had to walk correctly at all times. Moominpappa had had enough. He decided to leave and that night he did. He wrote a letter to the lady Hemulen informing her of his departure and then left for the big wide world.

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