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Little Gems -The Moomins by Tove Jansson

The Great Thaw

Moomintroll was busy clearing the snow away from the front door. He wanted to make the house ready for his family when they awoke from their Winter sleep. Outside Little My was skating on ice. The Sun rose and shone very brightly that day. The sea ice started to crack and give way. Suddenly Little My was in trouble and Moomintroll rushed to help her.

Moomintroll went out onto the ice to rescue her and before they knew what had happened, the two were in trouble. They struggled to get back to the safety of land whilst Too-Ticky watched from the bank. Too-Ticky was smoking and did not seem too concerned that he did not help. Eventually they were safe but Little My was not very happy with Too-Ticky for not helping. Moomintroll wanted to go home, he was very frightened. Little My was annoyed that both the ice had gone and Moomintroll had gone home.

Poor Moomintroll was cold and wet, he sneezed. Moomintroll had caught a cold for the first time in his life. The sneeze though was just the thing to wake Moominmamma. Moomintroll reminded her not to set a fire in the stove as the ancestor was now living there. She then wrapped him in a blanket and Moomintroll went to sleep.

The Fillyjonk

The Moomins were all awake, Spring had arrived in Moominvalley. Moominmamma was introduced to Too-Ticky who had been living in the bathing hut. Moomintroll and Sniff were outside in the garden. The birds were very excited and showed Moominmamma where the first flowers had arrived. The time had come for Too- Ticky to leave the bathing hut and so he went to the Moomin house to play them a tune on his barrel organ.

The Moomins were so impressed with the tune that they suggested that Too-Ticky should live in the bathing hut all year round. He said he would think about it but had now to go around the Moominvalley and wake up all the sleepy heads who had overslept the Winter. Little My decided to go with him and then come back and do some cleaning.

Moominmamma opened a letter. It was from the Fillyjonk. She sounded very distressed and was convinced a disaster was on the way. The Moomins (apart from Moominpappa who was intending to stay and work in the garden) packed some food and flowers and set off to go and see her.

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