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Little Gems -The Moomins by Tove Jansson


The Fillyjonk was very distressed. She was convinced that a disaster was heading her way and that nothing could be done to stop it. At her house, Gaffsie came round for tea. Gaffsie had brought some gifts as she was a very good friend. The Fillyjonk started to go on and on about the wind and Gaffsie did her best to calm her down. She left though in a bit of a huff when the Fillyjonk called her a silly person. Gaffsie simply did not believe it to be true and took her gifts with her as she left the house. That night though the wind picked up and the sea started to rise. A storm was coming right for the Fillyjonk's house.

A tornado appeared and swept though the property destroying the house and all the garden just like the Fillyjonk had foreseen. She had hidden under the table and was safe. Finally it was all over just as the Moomins arrived.

The Fillyjonk loved all the gifts they had brought especially the music that Too-Ticky played. They all danced on the beach together and the Fillyjonk promised not to be a nervous silly person again.

Moomintroll and the Dragon

It was a beautiful day in Moomin valley. The Sun was shining and the birds were singing in the trees. The Woodland Spirits were feeling frolicsome and were looking for someone to play a joke on. Moomintroll was that person and they dropped some leaves on him. He vowed (happily) to get them back later but he had other things to do that morning.

Moomintroll was going fishing in the forest pond and was curious to see what he might find since he had been told that some of the creatures that lived there always swam backwards. A silly frog told Moomintroll that he would not catch anything. To his surprise he caught a tiny dragon which he decided to keep as a secret pet.

The dragon was very angry at being caught especially when it was put in a small glass jam jar. Moomintroll decided not to show the dragon to anyone and he slowly crept back to the Moomin house. Moominpappa was busy sleeping in the hammock and was easy to get by but Little My was a difficult hurdle. She asked what he had got and why he was secretly taking it into the house. Moomintroll rushed into the house and locked his bedroom door. He then let the dragon out of the jar. It grew larger and then smaller and had hot breath. He offered it sweets but the dragon was not interested. The dragon wanted flies and to get out but was left safely locked in his room.

Moomintroll went down for dinner and instantly became the target of Little My who announced that Moomintroll had a secret and something in a glass jar. Moomintroll would not say anything and after dinner he went off to find Snufkin, he would know what to do and what dragons like to do.

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