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Little Gems -The Moomins by Tove Jansson


Winter still had not gone but Moomintroll was bored. The Sun peeped over the horizon a little more each day but it was not quick enough for the young Moomin. Moomintroll was now in a bad temper and he angrily went down to the bathing hut where Too-Ticky lived. Too-Ticky had already gone out early that morning but had forbidden Moomintroll to open a cupboard during the Winter period. Moomintroll, however, was determined to see what was inside and to find out why he should not open it. As he opened the door something jumped out. Just then Too-Ticky arrived back at the hut and was a little annoyed that Moomintroll had gone against his wishes.

Too-Ticky told Moomintroll that the creature was a Troll, one of Moomintroll's ancestors. Moomintroll did not know what to think but he was convinced that he could not be related to such a strange looking creature. When Moomintroll got back to the Moomin house, he went up to the attic and searched through it. He simply could not believe the creature could possibly be a relative of his. He checked all the relics of the Moomin family and then met his ancestor in person. Moomintroll decided to show the ancestor around the house. He showed the creature the rest of the family all asleep.

He then showed him the portraits of previous Moomins but the creature did not appear to be interested in any of this. Finally Moomintroll showed him the stove. The Troll liked the stove and then Moomintroll realised that he must be an ancestor since Moominmamma had told him that her ancestors used to live behind stoves where it was warm and dry. Just then an alarm clock went off alarming the ancestor. Moomintroll switched it off and the creature went behind the stove. Just then the Sun came out and Moomintroll was happy, it was getting warmer and he now had an ancestor living behind the stove. He went upstairs into the attic and brought down some sticky transfers. He put them on Moominmamma's bed for when she woke up to let her know that he had been thinking of her.

Healthy Hemulen

A new comer arrived in the valley. A big healthy Hemulen. Moomintroll was not impressed, he was concerned that the creature would eat lots of jam. The Hemulen decided to build a igloo and started ordering everyone with the construction. Too-Ticky was fishing and Moomintroll went rushing over to tell him. Too-Ticky was not impressed, not even when the Hemulen went swimming in the cold freezing Too-Ticky had seen it all before. The Hemulen loved the cold and the Winter.

Little My was full of admiration for the Hemulen. She made some skis like his and did some clever skiing tricks. Everyone thought Little My was very brave and very clever as she was very good at skiing. The Hemulen then decided to show Moomintroll how to ski. Disaster, Moomintroll fell into the snow having forgotten the rules he had been taught. Moomintroll went off in a sulk, he did not want to ski and he did not like this big Hemulen. Little My though was a natural and loved her new skis.

Moomintroll went back to the house to check the provisions. All that remained in the larder was a jar of Cranberry sorbet and Strawberry jam. He was determined that the Hemulen would not get any of that though.

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