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Little Gems -The Moomins by Tove Jansson

The Orphan

Moominpappa was still reading aloud about his memoirs. The Moomins were all listening quietly as he continued. Moominpappa awoke the next morning free from the orphanage. He walked for some time looking at the wild life and the dew drops on the spider webs. He came across and asked a small hedgehog who the land belonged to but the Hedgehog said that no one owned it. Moominpappa eventually came to a small stream and on it he saw a wondrous invention. A small water wheel like a windmill made out of leaves was spinning on a branch. It was the work of Hodgkins an inventor / constructor who soon became good friends with Moominpappa.

Hodgkins showed Moominpappa how to make the special water wheels and then had some food with him. Hodgkins was very much the scientist and Moominpappa had found his first true friend.

Moominmamma was now falling asleep but the other Moomins wanted to hear more. The Moomins wanted Moominpappa to continue but Moominmamma said that they must not tire Moominpappa as he was still recovering from his recent cold. The next chapter would continue tomorrow she said and they all left for bed.

Hodgkins and the Sailor

It was another beautiful day in Moomin valley. Later at tea, Moominpappa (who was feeling better enough to be out of bed) continued reading his memoirs to the Moomins. Hodgkins showed Moominpappa lots of scientific tricks and devices. Hodgkins was casting his net in the waters in order to catch some fish. When Moominpappa woke up he asked about the fish but Hodgkins said that he had caught nothing but would Moominpappa like to meet the Muddler. The Muddler was introduced as Hodgkins nephew. Hodgkins said that he had adopted him since his mother and father vanished in the Spring cleaning. The Muddler was busy rummaging around in his tin.

The Muddler was trying to get his things in order, buttons, zips, pins and special buttons were all over the place. The Muddler was a very fussy character but Moominpappa was too busy watching some squirrels as he had never seen one before. Hodgkins and Muddler found this very funny to watch the young Moomin. Moominpappa and Muddler wanted to know where they were going on their walk. Hodgkins explained that they were going to find his houseboat. Moominpappa was overjoyed when he saw it as he realised what a clever man Hodgkins really was. His dream of a life of adventure was coming true.

Hodgkin's houseboat was called "The Ocean Orchestra". Hodgkins asked Muddler to paint the boat and he rushed off to find a colour. Moominpappa was overcome with happiness as he realised he could sail the seven seas with Hodgkins and see new and wonderful things.

While they were aboard the trio came across a person who was fast asleep. It was the Joxter who always went where it was forbidden. We'll have to deal with him later said Hodgkins and they did just that.

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