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Little Gems -The Moomins by Tove Jansson

Sorry Oo

A new Winter guest had arrived searching for food. He was a thin little dog called Sorry Oo. The Hemulen came out of his igloo to exercise and then put on his skis and headed down to the Moomin house. There Moomintroll was working with the little Whomper chopping wood. The little dog followed the Hemulen hoping he would be made welcome.

Moomintroll introduced himself to the dog and Sorry Oo reciprocated and then asked if there was any food. He was invited to stay for breakfast and Little My set him a place at the table. Sorry Oo had some food and felt very much better. The Hemulen wanted to go and exercise after breakfast but he wanted Sorry Oo to be his companion. The Hemulen was so big and full of himself in terms of healthy living that he did not notice the one creature in the house who wanted to be his friend, Salome the little creep. She went up to him but he completely ignored her. Sorry Oo did not really want to go out into the snow but felt obliged to after having been fed. Soon though, Sorry Oo asked the Hemulen to leave him alone as he had business elsewhere. Everynight Sorry Oo had been howling to his brothers the wolves. He longed to fulfill his dream of joining them in the hills and woods.

Sorry Oo eventually arrived at Too Ticky's bathing hut and scratched at the door to be let in. Too-Ticky sympathised with the dog and so let him in. The big healthy Hemulen, however, was left alone wondering why no one liked him. He really did want a dog as a friend. He went after Sorry Oo determined to find out the reason why he was not liked.

Sorry Oo and the Wolves

Winter was being slowly edged out by Spring but it was still very cold. Sorry Oo was still at the bathing hut with Too-Ticky. The invisible mice were playing music for them and everyone was enjoying it. That soon changed when the Hemulen arrived at the door and asked why Sorry Oo did not want to be his friend. Sorry Oo told the Hemulen that he did not want to go out in the snow and Too-Ticky said he could stay in the bathing hut. The Hemulen left and not long after Sorry Oo went outside determined to find his brothers the wolves. That night the wolves actually arrived and Sorry Oo realised that he had made a terrible mistake. The wolves were not his brothers and they were not friendly. Sorry Oo now started to howl in fear as the wolves were vicious. He feared for his life as the wolves attacked.

Just then, the big healthy Hemulen heard the cries of Sorry Oo. He rushed to the dog's aid and beat back the wolves with a flaming torch. Sorry Oo was shaken but safe thanks to the Hemulen. Sorry Oo realised that he had made a another mistake, the Hemulen was a real friend. The wolves left the valley. The two friends walked back to the Moominvalley house and were met by Moomintroll. Moomintroll's opinion of the Hemulen now changed as he realised what a brave creature he really was. They all now went back to the Moomin house where it was warm and safe.

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